Naina: Beauty Secrets

Growing up an only daughter in a small village, life was filled with challenges. But I was able to study Ayurvedic medicine thanks to my uncle's generosity. I soon grew to love the Ayurvedic beauty treatments, which were not considered a luxury but an essential daily ritual for Indian women.

I know that true beauty lies inside us. But it gives me such pleasure to treat the outer self as well, so one's inner beauty can shine through.

When I came to this country, I was amazed at the sheer variety of complexions in the women who live here. There is such diversity - the petite, olive, luxurious complexions of the Mediterranean women, the fiery, brittle on the outside-sensitive on the inside UK and Irish females, the ice-blond and blue-eyed Nordics, the doe-eyed earthy splendour of the Aboriginal women and the Eastern European women with their melancholic translucence, the vibrant, dusky hued, flashing eyed Carribbean ladies, the delicate, smooth skinned Asian girls, the chocolate satin of the African women, the sultry sensuality of the women from the Middle East and of course our bronze lotus-eyed women from South Asia. I am always in awe that there is so much beauty in this world.

Each month, I will post a beauty tip. The treatments that I will talk about each month can of course be used on men if desired.

Basic Facial Cleanse


2 tsps Chick pea flour (can be picked up at any Indian grocery store - ask for Besan Flour)
Sandalwood powder (if desired)
1 tsp Water or milk for dry skin, or
1 tsp Yoghurt for oily or blemished skin, or
1 tsp (or 1 capsule) Vitamin E oil for mature skin

After removing makeup, place 2 teaspoons of lentil flour in the palm of your hand along with a pinch of sandalwood powder. Add a teaspoon of water (or yoghurt or Vitamin E oil). Blend with your fingers. Add until the consistency is that of a smooth paste. Spread this over your face and scrub very gently.

Rinse off with water and a soft washcloth.

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