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About Priya Khajuria:


Priya is the author of Bollywood P.I., which is set in Santa Barbara, California. She visits family in California regularly and adores the Pacific coast.

Originally from England, Priya lives in beautiful Canada with her family and little black cat.

She's also an award winning nonfiction author under PK Davies and a voice actor with Spotify.

Hello from Priya

Hello and welcome!

As an avid reader, I became addicted to mystery novels that blended excitement with humour. It was the natural next step to write in this genre but it would take over 20 years to get it done! 

So, my friend...if you've been looking for a little escape at the end of the day and would love a bit of juicy entertainment and a few laughs along the way, I invite you to read Bollywood P.I. California Dreaming.





Twitter: @PriyaKhajuria6


IG: @soundismusic


Photo: Francis Ward

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