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Where to Buy Bollywood P.I.


Amazon eBook and paperback

The ebook is also available through Kindle Unlimited.


eBook ISBN 978-1-990669-12-5

Paperback ISBN 978-1-990669-13-2

Paperback Worldwide

Bollywood P.I. California Dreaming (print) is carried at most major bookstores around the world.

If it's not in stock, simply give them the ISBN below and they will order it in for you:

ISBN 978-1-990669-13-2


Resellers / Bookstores / Bulk Discounts

Bollywood P.I. California Dreaming (print) is distributed by Ingram Spark to bookstores and resellers, and is also available at bulk discounts.

For pricing information and to order, please contact Ingram Spark at:


You can give them the info below and they will give you the price quotes and set up an order for you:

Bollywood P.I. California Dreaming

Priya Khajuria

ISBN 978-1-990669-13-2

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