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Naina's Beauty Secrets


Growing up an only daughter in a small village, life was filled with challenges. But I was able to study Ayurvedic medicine thanks to my uncle's generosity. I soon grew to love the Ayurvedic beauty treatments, which were not considered a luxury but an essential daily ritual for Indian women.


I know that true beauty lies inside us. But it gives me such pleasure to treat the outer self as well, so ones inner beauty can shine through. I am always in awe that there is so much beauty in this world.


Here I will share with you a simple tip. 

Basic Facial Cleanse



2 tsps Chick pea flour (can be picked up at any Indian grocery store - ask for Besan Flour)

A pinch of Sandalwood powder (if desired)

1 tsp Water or milk for dry skin, or

1 tsp Yoghurt for oily or blemished skin, or

1 tsp (or 1 capsule) Vitamin E oil for mature skin


After removing makeup, place 2 teaspoons of lentil flour in the palm of your hand along with a pinch of sandalwood powder. Add a teaspoon of water (or yoghurt or Vitamin E oil). Blend with your fingers. Mix until the consistency is that of a smooth paste. Spread this over your face and scrub very gently.


Rinse off with water and a soft washcloth. Spritz face with rosewater.

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