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Ask Kate


So Jita (the prude) thinks I've been around the block enough times to write this column. Send your questions to me at with Love Me Up in the Subject line and I'll do my best to answer them.


Dear Kathleen:
There's this guy I work with at my ad agency. He's really cute and we've been eyeing each other for over a month now. I'd like to ask him out but I'm just not sure if I should be waiting for him to make the move or if I should just go for it?
Lucy in Montecito



Dear Lucy,


This be modern times, girlfriend. We all know how much liquor is involved at ad agencies. My advice is to wait till the next booze-up, which is likely the day you read this, then invite him to the nearest empty boardroom and ask him to check your lipstick. If he doesn't get it, forget it.



p.s. Make sure you check out your company policy on dating. I forgot at least twice.

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